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Clinical Pharmacy Team

You may be aware, Park St. Francis Surgery together with The Fryern Surgery form part of the Chandler’s Ford Primary Care Network (PCN). Primary Care Networks form a key building block of the NHS long-term plan. Over the coming years both practices will be working together to improve and provide a greater provision of care to meet the changing needs of our community. This will allow a new, more streamlined, multi-disciplined, personalised and coordinated approach to patient care. Two multidisciplinary professional roles that Chandler’s Ford PCN has introduced are that of the Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician. 

The clinical pharmacy team will be based across both practices, supporting patients to get the best from their medications whilst ensuring they remain clinically appropriate. Their role will include: 

· Performing clinical medication reviews for those patients with long-term conditions or on multiple medications. 

· Providing clinical pharmacy input to care home patients as part of the multidisciplinary team. 

· Working with both practices to improve prescribing safety and the monitoring of medications. 

· Providing medicines advice and answering medication queries from patients or other health care professionals. 

· Following up patients that have been discharged from hospital or other care providers to ensuring that any changes to medications are identified, safe, clinically appropriate and updated on the patient’s clinical record. 

The pharmacy team will be liaising with all sectors of the healthcare system; community pharmacy, secondary care providers and our clinical commissioning group (CCG) to streamline patient care across the interface. They will continue to work closely with the CCG pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who lead on medicines optimisation and population health, to maximise the care pharmacy can offer patients.