What help do you need from your GP practice?

Nursing Team

Practice Nurses

Nurse Fionnagh Roberts

Nurse Claire Coles

Nurse Charlie Prestige

Healthcare Assistants (including Phlebotomy)

Ms Linda Flannigan (f)

Miss Lark Avery (f)

Miss Chloe Tratt (f)

Healthcare Assistants are non-registered Nursing staff who assist in patient care and Practice related duties, as directed by and under the supervision of a Registered Healthcare Professional (including Lead Practice Nurse, Practice Manager and GPs). Healthcare Assistants work collaboratively with the General Practice Team to meet the needs of patients, and provide essential task-orientated services like taking blood samples (phlebotomy), processing specimens, sometimes performing ECGs (to measure heart function) and spirometry (to measure lung function). They play a crucial role in supporting the Clinical Team.